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Welcome to the new ClassicalU Forum!

Chris Perrin


You know that those of us who are seeking to renew the tradition of classical education like to talk about it. This is natural for a couple of reasons: We are generally excited about what we are learning about classical education and the good stuff we are learning has to be shared. Second, none of us are able to renew this tradition by ourself; we must converse because we have gaps and holes, and because we can go nowhere meaningful alone. We learn best together. 

For a while now we have supported a platform for conversation among classical educators and leaders, but to be honest, we have needed to take this support to another level. We are now seeking to enhance the quality of the conversations we have by 1) investing in a state-of-the-art forum for managing and fostering conversations 2) partnering with our friends who are seeking to renew classical education.

This means that you will find the ClassicalU forums elegant, clear, and easy to use. The software is remarkably clean, works well, and should make it easier than ever for you to participate and add your voice to numerous conversations. Please note the following about the new ClassicalU forums:

  1. We discuss ideas and practices with a goal of becoming "mentor" level educators and leaders. We want to grow to the point we can meaningfully help others. 
  2. We are aligned with the presentations and ideas contained on ClassicalU.com . You don't have to be viewing courses on ClassicalU to participate in the forums, but you should know that many of our forum topics come from the ClassicalU. These topics will be of interest to any classical educator, but you will likely find members of the forum referring back to something from ClassicalU. The first several presentations of any ClassicalU course are available for anyone to view at no charge.
  3. We are primarily oriented towards the renewal of the classical tradition of education--including its history, philosophy, curriculum, aesthetic, formative purpose, and associated pedagogies. We are not generally focused on published materials that help us teach the classical curriculum. The best place to discuss published curricula is the Well-Trained Mind Forum, which we heartily recommend. 
  4. We are committed to a conversation with charity, patience, and respect. Any posts that fail the test of charity, patience and respect may be deleted by an administrator without warning.
  5. We welcome members at any level of familiarity with classical education. We all have to start... at the beginning. Those beginning their journey into classical education are treasured and welcomed here.
  6. We are committed to the pursuit of wisdom, virtue, and eloquence--the classic aims of education. We also cherish the Christian tradition of classical education, but welcome those outside this tradition who are serving in classical charter schools or other secular settings, including secular homeschoolers. 

No doubt, we will evolve some additional "house rules" as we grow, but we hope these will suffice for the foreseeable future. 


Christopher Perrin, PhD

Forum Administrator (one of several)

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