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LEVEL 1 Apprentice

hammer2.thumb.png.5e01d7f7a07d922cc3dce74a723d904e.png This forum is the place for those relatively new to classical education to discuss the tradition of classical education. It is keyed in some ways to the Level 1 "Apprentice" teacher training on ClassicalU.com. All classical educators wanting to learn the foundation of the classical tradition are welcome!


  1. Poetic Pedagogy with Dr. James Taylor

      This forum is inspired by the Poetic Pedagogy course by veteran educator and author teacher Dr. James Taylor. All are welcome. 

  2. Introduction to Classical Education

      This forum is for those fairly new to classical education and explores the ideas presented by Christopher Perrin in his course Introduction to Classical Education. It seeks to answer well the question, "What is classical education?" All are welcome.

  3. Essentials of Effective Teaching

    This forum is an excellent place for new classical teachers to explore and become familiar with an essential "toolkit" for planning and teaching effectively. It is based on the course by Robyn Burlew called the Essentials of Effective Teaching. All are welcome. 

  4. The Liberal Arts Tradition

    This subforum seeks to discuss The Liberal Arts Tradition book (and online course) by Kevin Clark and Ravi Jain. Connect with fellow teachers, administrators, and home educators to explore and the concepts presented in their thoughtful book.

  5. Teaching the Great Books (Josh Gibbs)

    This forum explores how to teach great books to upper school humanities students and is based on the course Teaching the Great Books by Josh Gibbs. 

  6. Scholé (Restful) Learning (Chris Perrin)

    This is the place to explore and discuss what it means to renew restful teaching and learning in classical schools and homeschools. It is based on the short course on restful learning taught by Dr. Christopher Perrin. All are welcome. 

  7. Classical Pedagogy 1 (Chris Perrin)

    In this forum, we discuss the ways we can relearn and renew the classical pedagogies that come down to from the classical tradition of education. It is based on the Essential Principles of Classical Pedagogy on ClassicalU.com. All are welcome!

  8. Essential Latin (Karen Moore)

    If you are learning Latin either with Karen Moore (see the Essential Latin course) or by other means, this is a place to discuss Latin grammar and the best way to teach Latin to students of all ages.

  9. Essential Logic: The Fallacies

    This forum is for those either learning or teaching the logical fallacies. The forum is based on the Essential Logic course (covering 28 fallacies), though anyone learning the logical fallacies by other means is welcome!

  10. Assessing Students Classically

    This forum is dedicated to discussing what it means to assess students with charity and clarity, informed by the classical tradition. It is based on the course Assessing Students Classically, but all are welcome to participate.

  11. Teaching the Odyssey

    This forum is for those who are either studying or teaching the Odyssey by Homer. The forum takes is inspiration from the Teaching the Odyssey course on ClassicalU.com, but all lovers of Homer are welcome!

  12. Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing (A Pudewa)

    This forum is for discussing the four classical language arts of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The forum is based on the short course (four lectures) by Andrew Pudewa. All are welcome. 

  13. Plato: The Great Philosopher-Educator (D Diener)

    This forum is for discussing the contributions of Plato to the classical tradition of education. The forum is inspired by the short course on Plato taught by Dr. David Diener. All are welcome.

  14. Teaching Math Classically (A Elizalde)

    This forum is dedicated to exploring the ways we can teach math--classically. It is based on the Teaching Math Classically course (by Andrew Elizalde). All are welcome.

  15. How to Teach History (Wes Callahan)

      This forum is inspired by the How to Teach History course by veteran history teacher Wes Callahan. All are welcome.

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