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sword.thumb.png.026c37f4a9a268c4a6781ac323c8e3d5.png This forum is for those who have studied the classical tradition of education for several years and are working to become master teachers and leaders and mentors of new teachers. This forum is aligned in some ways with the Level 3 "master" training on ClassicalU.com. All are welcome!


  1. Teaching Three Great Books

    This forum is for discussing teaching strategies for three great books: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Jane Eyre, and Great Expectations . The forum is aligned with Dr. Flora Armetta's course on Teaching Three Great Books

  2. The Catholic Tradition of Classical Education (Andrew Seeley)

    This forum is for conversation surrounding the course taught by Dr. Andrew Seeley (of Thomas Aquinas College) on The Catholic Tradition of Education. All are welcome!

  3. The Monastic Tradition of Education (Chris Perrin)

    This forum is for conversation surrounding the monastic tradition of education and its contributions to classical education. The forum is aligned with Christopher Perrin's short course on the Monastic Tradition of Education

  4. Teaching Singapore Math

    This forum is for conversation surrounding the teaching of Singapore Math. The forum is aligned with Dawn Swartz's course that provided training for how to effectively teach Singapore Math. 

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