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Scholé Groups Network

This is a forum that fosters conversation among parents and directors who are part of a Scholé Group. Scholé Groups is a network of homeschooling communities pursuing a classical, Christian curriculum blended with restful learning or scholé. 


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  1. Scholé Group Parents Forum

    This forum fosters conversation among those who are parents of a Scholé Group homeschooling community. 

  2. Scholé Group Directors Forum

    This forum fosters conversation among those who are directors of a Scholé Group homeschooling community. This forum requires a password that is available to all directors from the Scholé Groups administrator.

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  3. Seeking Scholé - Summer 2018

    Scholé Groups is hosting Seeking Scholé—a series of discussions based on ClassicalU courses. Click here for more details. Please join us here for continued discussion of these topics! All are welcome to join in. 


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The ClassicalU Forum is a site designed for classical educators who want to discuss the history, philosophy, curriculum, pedagogy, and renewal of the classical tradition of education. School educators, homeschool educators, leaders, administrators, and students are all welcome!

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