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    I agree with you and Karen. Over the years I've gone from defensive to answering with questions when people ask why we homeschool. Classical education is such a huge idea, that unpacking it in an elevator is tough - especially to make it palatable. It makes me think of the difference between eating spinach or mustard greens raw. One you can put in a salad and be fine with, but the other, must be cooked slowly with flavorful "explanations". I have discovered over time that most people don't really want to know why I homeschool, or about homeschooling - or about Christianity for that matter! But the few who do, come hungry for a deep conversation, for the mustard greens fully cooked and seasoned. Those are fewer and far between, but more blessed and effective. 🤷‍♀️
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    What if education doesn't really look anything like we think it does? What if we cut away all the baggage that educational practices have accumulated, blew off all the cobwebs, and dust out every corner so light could shine on what was left. What is education, really, if it has nothing to do with tests and schools and assessments and parameters? You have a mind, and you have knowledge--what is their relationship to each other, and how that can relationship best be developed? What should the outcome look like? You can tell I think questions might be better than answers in an elevator ride, because classical education is way too much to condense or convey that briefly. But if it begins in wonder, I want my listener to start wondering.
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