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    Oliver DeMille's A Thomas Jefferson Education was a great primer and inspiration for me. The more I learn about classical ideals the more I see in his methodology. He advocates for mentors not teachers, and those using classics not text books. He asserts that students educate themselves, a teacher/mentor can only teach, but they ought to "inspire not require" aspects of learning and help structure student's time not content. He has a different "ages and stages" structure of: Core stage - is for the very young and it's pre-loading habits and essential character/family skills that will assist the student for beginning learning. Love of Learning stage - children love to learn a little or a lot about everything, so give them a Charlotte Mason sort of opportunity to touch lots of things and go as deeply or as quickly as they desire. Then they begin to want to go deeper and spend more time on a few things, and they want to be challenged to hone their skills in the scholarly phase. They begin to really focus on scholarship, and finally they become "vocation" focused. Through each stage the mentor (or mentors) are resource provides and gentle directors of the student's need to continue on their educational journey. It is adult-intensive in the beginning because really the emphasis is to spark their fire. You read great books together or out loud and talk about them, YOU do math on a white board to tease them into interest, or have them involved in projects like budgeting and grocery shopping that show them math applications. it's a very interesting book without being long and difficult. But it is not a "curriculum". It is an approach, and sometimes a very vague one at that. But I still really appreciated it. Andrew Pudewa introduced me to it. https://www.amazon.com/Thomas-Jefferson-Education-Generation-Twenty-first/dp/096712462X/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1V2B89WFP1ZMJ&keywords=thomas+jefferson+education&qid=1557004575&s=gateway&sprefix=Thomas+Jefferson+ed%2Caps%2C155&sr=8-1
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