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  1. What do you think of the paradigm for liberal arts education suggested by Kevin Clark and Ravi Jain in the Liberal Arts Tradition : PGMAPT? PietyGymnasticMusic (education in wonder)Arts (the seven liberal arts)PhilosophyTheology
  2. Do you think it justified to call The Odyssey the archetypal and original quest story? Why or why not?
  3. Chris Perrin

    What will you read in 2019?

    I am so very much enjoying reading Phillip Schaff's History of the Christian Church, that I am not sure I can stop. The trouble is the set is 8 volumes long. Still, I have found volume 3 remarkable--the volume on the Nicene age. He touches on aspects very relevant to classical educators. I hope to share a quotation or two on the forum this weekend.
  4. Let the Scholé Muses know what topics, ideas, or concerns you would like them to address and discuss. Please suggest your ideas in this thread!
  5. All, In case you did not know it, the old site ClassicalEducator.com has been shut down and that domain name now points folks to ClassicalUForum. Many of you have come over from ClassicalEducator.com--and so welcome! While ClassicalEducator.com served a good purpose for several years, this forum provides some excellent and in several cases superior features for the conversation we hope to foster surrounding classical education. Thanks for being with us! Pax, Christopher P
  6. Chris Perrin

    ClassicalEducator.com Now Points to ClassicalUForum

    That workshop video is now included as Lesson 6 (Embodied / Liturgical Learning) in the Principles of Classical Pedagogy... Pax, CP
  7. We probably all have a sense of what a fallacy is--but how might we describe what a fallacy is with precision? Your thoughts after starting this studying the fallacies or beginning The Logical Fallacies course?
  8. In your opinion, what are the chief virtues that need to be cultivated and developed in the grades 4-6? Why?
  9. Dianna, I love the old Jesuits and the Ratio Studiorum. A lot of perennial wisdom in that document... even such as advice as "do not allow two boys to go to the bathroom together."
  10. Can you share the name of a great Catholic educational thinker--maybe one that most are unfamiliar with? Teach us.
  11. Carrie Finch was a former public school teacher–but homeschooling parents come from every kind of background. What is your background and how do you see it serving and helping you as a homeschooling parent? In what ways might your background be a hindrance as well?
  12. One consistent theme in Robyn Burlew's advice to teachers--is to plan well. She recommends planning for the year, the quarter or unit, the week and the day. She recommends planning for assignments and assessments. Does your experience confirm the importance of good planning? If so, how?
  13. Given that classical education comprises a long, deep and wide tradition, how can we best summarize it in a brief conversation to an inquiring, interested person? Put another way, what is your best elevator speech for classical education?
  14. Carrie Finch shares how as a busy homeschooling parent she seeks to take care of herself. How do you do that?
  15. Yes, homeschooling is worth it–but what are the hardships we must be prepared to face?
  16. What do you think about Andrew's four arts of language? Are these the main four arts? Could there be any others to consider or is this a satisfactory way of summing up the broader art of language?
  17. Chris Perrin

    Course Certificate?

    Rhonda, Check now--you should be able to access your Certificate under "My Courses." Pax, Christopher P
  18. Chris Perrin


    Donald, Thanks for this feedback. I passed it on to Dr. Schenk. I think there is a chance he will pop in on the forum to say hello... Christopher P
  19. Many homeschoolers report what a joy it is to be the one to teach their children to read. Has that been your experience? Please share–and share how you have overcome a challenge or two.
  20. What do you regard as the chief qualities of a great upper school teacher? Think of a great teacher you had in your past (if you are blessed to have had several). What qualities do you recall that teacher had?
  21. For those of you have started taking the Art of Poetry course or have studied poetry previously--what are your current or emerging thoughts on why it is important to study poetry?
  22. Chris Perrin

    Logic across the Curriculum?

    Do you think that every teacher in the "dialectic school" should be trained in... uh, well, dialectic? I think so--but how do we achieve this?
  23. Chris Perrin

    New Scholé Muses Sub Forum

    Greetings All-- We have added a new forum that features six Scholé Muses and is based on their presentations and training aimed at classical homeschoolers. You can view some 20 presentations by the Muses on ClassicalU here and at no charge. Each of the Muses are veteran classical homeschool educators and leaders of homeschooling co-ops. You can interact with their presentations and ideas (and with the Muses themselves) on our new Scholé Muses forum.
  24. Chris Perrin

    Seeking a Few ClassicalUForum Curators

    Greetings All-- We are seeking up to three forum curators who: Are college-educated, good writers, and who have been engaged in classical education for at least five years Would be able to write five posts weekly asking questions and prompting conversation across the forum Could focus on curating a few sub forums, while also ranging outward to prompt discussion in other areas We are able to pay curators $50 per month, paid at the end of each month by check. If this describes you and you are interested, please send a letter of interest with a basic resume to info@classicalsubjects.com addressed to Christopher Perrin. Many thanks! Christopher Perrin