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  1. We wrote about the Three Kinds of Homeschooling Communities on the Scholé Group blog. What kind of group are you most interested in joining? What are your questions about the different kind of groups? Read the article and join the conversation! https://scholegroups.com/the-three-kinds-of-homeschooling-communities/
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  3. @rebeccarholland Have you looked at what Ambleside Online uses. They have identified some excellent options.
  4. @wenatcheevalley It definitely is possible. You would have to choose what works for the ages, space, and teacher you have. Schole Groups is a form for setting up Academic Homeschool Communities. There is also a lot of flexibility in terms of what is done at home and what is done together. Do you have any idea what you people are interested in doing together?
  5. I like Visual Latin! They buy the DVDs and then you do it like a flipped classroom approach. Have you heard of the flipped classroom approach?
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  7. While I do not have a template I can share the proposal letter I use. Then it's about networking, communication, connections, and calling around and asking. Paideia Fellowship Proposal Letter.docx.pdf
  8. Yes, insurance for your group is an important thing. It protects the church, you, and your families. It is also fairly inexpensive. Make sure your agent really understands what kind of thing you are. We are not the typical school!
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  10. I have not heard of that book before. I have recently become highly fascinated with everything related to Christian Humanism. Would love to hear what you end up thinking about it.
  11. Are you interested in Starting a Scholé Group? Ask your questions here! You can also learn more about the specifics of what it takes to become a Scholé Group here: https://scholegroups.com/start-a-schole-group/.
  12. I love how you are touching on empathy. I have been researching several things that keep me coming back to empathy. I think this is a topic we need to think more about as teachers.
  13. I love this question, Karen! I am picking up Dante's Inferno with a special eye towards teaching and parenting. I am wondering about some of the following questions as I read it. What is Dante doing, saying, and experiencing as he walks through hell? What is suffering? What is punishment? What is judgment? What is revenge? What is love? How do I know I am experiencing love, even in less than pleasant circumstances? How do I walk through hell? What is Virgil doing & saying as he leads Dante through hell? What does it mean to lead someone through hell/suffering/_______? Is leading about keeping those we follow from hell or walking with them through hell? What does teaching someone how to suffer have to do with parenting? With teaching?
  14. I love this question so much. I think what you said "Is it a teacher who admits that they don't know it all, they don't have all the answers, but nevertheless they are willing to learn with their students?" is a huge part of it. In addition, as I reflect on my own teaching, I notice that because I am imperfect and am acquainted with suffering and repentance. Therefore, I can externalize that process for my students, for my children. I think all learning is a form of repentance in one way or another and involves a certain amount of suffering or struggle. It makes me think of what Virgil was to Dante.
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