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  1. This course has informed and challenged me a lot! I love how Jason Edwards shows "before" it was like this, but "now" it is like this, and explains why. I do wonder because some of the ideas - particularly in Lesson 7 (where I am currently) seem to be both classical and progressive. (Seems like we could make a Venn diagram...) For example: teaching the "whole child" - isn't that classical? -to teach to the body, mind, and spirit? -and "not the sage on the stage, but a guide on the side" - can't that be classical? -integrating the liberal arts and not being the "expert"? Dr. Perrin, I appreciate your question to Dr. Edwards asking if there is anything good that came out of Progressive Education. And, I do appreciate his emphatic "no" as well. But I would love a further discussion about this. I am LOVING ClassicalU! I feel SO blessed to have this resource!!
  2. I am so very inspired by Russ Gregg's lectures!! Thank you, thank you!! I am hoping to start a school in urban OKC targeted at Hispanic families. This course gives me so much to consider. I loved learning about the Benevon model. Has anyone started a school using the Scholé Groups? I am wondering if Scholé Groups can be technical schools in addition to co-ops. Thanks!
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