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Diana Cunningham

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  1. Diana Cunningham

    Scheduling parent-teacher conferences

    Hi Megan, We ended up using a free service called Calendly. It got the job done and was probably easier than the paper route, but it wasn't really ideal for scheduling multiple teachers. Patrick, I'll have to have our administrator check out Veracross. Right now we use Alma, but it sounds like Veracross may have more capabilities. Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Do any of you use or recommend a helpful website or app to help with scheduling parent-teacher conferences? If so, please share! Many thanks, Diana Cunningham
  3. St. Bosco, the old Jesuits and their Ratio, Jacques Maritain and his Education at the Crossroads , Pius XI and his The Christian Education of Youth
  4. Warren H Carroll, founder of Christendom college and author of the best history series around! We use his Founding of Christendom for our 11th grade history text.
  5. Hello, I'm afraid I may have missed the assignment details for the upcoming class (July 10). I have the three printouts which were emailed to me, but are we to read anything particular from the book, Poetic Knowledge as well? Thanks! Diana Cunningham
  6. Diana Cunningham

    Reading Assignment Amended

    Would this essay I found online match up with the essay you would like us to read by Dr. Quinn? It has the same title "Education by the Muses". :: http://www.angelicum.net/classical-homeschooling-magazine/second-issue/education-by-the-muses-by-dennis-quinn/
  7. Diana Cunningham


    Although our actual lunch time would probably not fall into the "beautiful" category ? , it is book-ended by beautiful aspects. Every lunch period starts with our students from all grades gathering in a circle in our garden area and singing our lunchtime hymn "Praise to God, Immortal Praise" in harmony. It is a beautiful and worshipful way to start the period. Every lunch period ends with our middle/high school students entering the chapel for a contemplation period where they pray and then listen to Divine Reading for fifteen minutes. (There was resistance to this at first, because the minutes were taken out of the lunch period. However, during student interviews in December, we found that it had become many students' favorite part of the day.)

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