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  1. I, too, would love an example of a completed assignment. Perhaps more, I would like an example of a rubric one might use. I was perplexed by Gibb's remark along the lines of "you know you created a good test when students can't imagine how you would grade it." I sense there is something right about that, though I'm not sure what. However, I'm not sure how neatly it fits with one of the principles from the Assessment course: we must be clear with students about how they will be assessed (so they know what is required of them, so they won't be anxious, etc.). I think that principle was from the Burlew talk(s).
  2. Towards the beginning of Dr. Williams's lecture (Lesson 2), he mentions that "tomorrow" he would give a talk on "practices that diminish the adverse temptations of grades, but still enable our students to move through an acadmeic system that trades on academic assessments." Is this talk from Dr. Williams available anywhere?
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