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  1. I had planned on commenting in class tonight but we ran out of time. This isn't really poetic per se but I just wanted to comment on the topic addressed in class of teaching the parents. In my son's classical school, one of the high school literature teachers started a book club for parents and other teachers. From what I understood, the plan is that they would teach the high school literature curriculum to the parents over a course of a few years (one book at a time). They started with the Iliad and every time I was able to attend, it was absolutely wonderful and so enriching for me. I had read the book before but hadn't had the opportunity to sit at a table with a teacher and others discussing it. The point to starting the book club was that it would open discussion between the students and the parents when the student studied the same book in High School. My son will be studying the Iliad this next year and I can't wait to discuss it with him (especially now that I had a refresher). Anyway, I thought I'd mention it because as a classically based educator I can connect with my kids as they learn classically. However, many parents haven't had the opportunity to study classical literature or, as in my case, the school might be reading books that weren't part of my classical curriculum growing up. I think it's really important for the parents to be able to have discussions with their children about what they're learning as well as have an opportunity to get to know that child's teacher. Just wanted to share
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