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  1. Did anyone catch the name of the books or authors that were mentioned as a good resource for the Eastern Perspective of Byzantium history? I caught the name Michael Psellus, but what was the other name? Anatone something-or-other?
  2. Please post a more complete listing of resources on this discussion thread.
  3. I think there is a tremendous danger not only in disregarding the study of history, but also in disregarding the perspective with which history is taught. It seems that there is a tremendous gullibility among parents in our culture about what is being taught in history classes in the government schools and in the popular history textbooks written by committees. A high school history class is not just a history class. It is likely to contain bias and convey values we may or may not agree with it. To disregard the perspective with which a history class is taught is worse than disregarding the study of history completely. The danger of this is that we end up with a huge swath of the next generation that is misinformed and has skewed values and beliefs, which is far worse than mere ignorance of history.
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