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  1. Thank you for asking! I would definitely like to see more topics related to students in the middle and high school years. There are so many options and support for those just starting on the journey. It gets harder to find other families who are willing to share their lives and choices as the students get older and need privacy themselves. I live in a small town where many homeschool families send their teens to the local Christian school for middle / high school. I have found that with the huge popularity of child lead learning and unschooling years ago, we now have many early teens whose parents struggle to teach “typical” high school subjects. Makes forming coop groups a challenge. Many families of course have more than one child so may still be focusing on nature studies and seasonal tables and may not have gotten prepared to direct chemistry or rhetoric. I would love to see Morning Basket models or ideas with/for teens. Feeling like we are doing it a bit on our own and would love to have a conversation around this.
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