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  1. After further research and discussion with my young man, it looks like Athenaze is the winner! Thanks again!
  2. Thank you. I've seen it listed on a homeschool forum elsewhere this evening, too. It's my understanding that Athenaze is Attic Greek vs. the aforementioned Koine materials? I've also read that GfC covers everything in Elementary Greek 1 and most of 2, as well as the first 15 lessons or so of Athenaze (1st Edition). My student will have completed 4 years of Latin with CAP by the time we begin Greek. We were going to focus on Koine, but perhaps Ancient would be better?
  3. I was hoping that CAP offered Greek Alive! similar to their Latin materials, but now I'm not sure where to turn. I'm thinking of materials to use at home (self-taught or DVD's). It was recommended to do elementary greek at a faster pace, and then go to Memoria's First Form Greek and/or A Primer of Biblical Greek. I wonder if I could do the same, but with Greek Alphabet Code Cracker, Song School Greek Program, Greek for Children Primer A Program, and . . ? Any recommendations for 2 years of Greek (11-12th grades)?
  4. Although not meaning to put in a plug, we're using CAP materials as our tools to prepare for a senior thesis (i.e., Writing & Rhetoric, Argument Builder, and eventually Rhetoric Alive!).
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