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  1. Oh my... this was primarily one of the reasons we chose to homeschool--especially points 3 and 4. Although my eldest child did excellent work, I got caught up with pushing excellence and the public acknowledgment. It was beginning to becoming an obsession. One graduate of the school where my son attended offered me her perspective. She said that students were suffering from IBS and anxiety starting in 9th grade. The pressure was killing them--sobbing over getting a GPA of 4.2. She opened my eyes to the sickness that has slowly crept into our home. My son was exhibiting anxiety behaviors. We were all co-conspirators in killing wonder, worship and wisdom (that Dr. Perrin spoke of in his lecture). I am thankful for these lectures & forums as I seek to find a love for learning again in our home & in all our lives.
  2. One of our homeschool families is moving to Idaho & 4 families went to the beach for our last time together. Yesterday it was cold, drizzly & dreary here in So. Cal & we were in jackets and blankets, but we laughed, talked, shared joys & trials, watched 15 kids run around, swim & play. Why I haven't I done this sooner?! Homeschooling, parenting, caring for elderly parents, marriage and just life, REQUIRES time out & refresh and renew. Months ago, I noticed I was losing my shine. I shrugged off thoughts of going away for a few days--my inner voice saying I was just being lazy & that I need to persevere. I re-read Ecc 7:8 "Finishing is better than starting" on my Bible app. Now, I see that my perfectionism is not serving me or my family. It is sabotaging joy. I love your list--make cookies, organize the garage or their bedrooms, make memories. Thank you for your post!
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