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  1. I've been using a catechism in the four classes that I teach at a private Christian school. The school is not classical in approach; they use Abeka curriculum for all subjects excluding math. As a part time "contractor," I have the privilege of teaching seventh and eighth grade literature as well as upper level Bible classes. I've been given a great deal of leeway to diverge from the Abeka curriculum, allowing me to use other books (Chronicles of Narnia, Shakespeare, etc.) rather than the basal readers. I started the year with catechisms, including Scripture (liberally copied from Joshua Gibbs's sample catechisms) and passages from the books we are studying, which are now bearing fruit. The principal of the school pulled me aside yesterday to say that she was reading a devotional to the seventh grade in homeroom, and upon reading the Bible verse, the students all joined in and recited the rest of the passage from memory! She was surprised and excited by the experience. I can't wait to see what will happen throughout the year as we progress and more material is committed to memory by purposeful "accident."
  2. Thanks, saraluck9090. I decided to do Midsummer Night's Dream with the 8th grade after Lord of the Rings. I'll do some compare/contrast of the fairy story aspect in both. I decided to move forward with Kidnapped after the three Lewis books in 7th grade. I'm still not sure that it's a great choice, but saving the school some money by using what they already have is probably paramount at this point. I'm hoping that the difficult language will get them ready for deeper books in the upper grades.
  3. I agree, JTB_5 - I don't want to do too much Lewis and Tolkien for the same reason. The budget is very tight, so I can really only purchase one or two books for this class. I'd like to use what is already there, hence The Lord of the Rings. Adding Midsummer Night's Dream or Great Expectations would round out the year better than Lewis. Any thoughts on The Black Arrow? I have not read it.
  4. I could also try a Shakespeare play such as Midsummer Night's Dream instead of another book.
  5. I would appreciate some help choosing literature for an eighth grade English class. I will be teaching this coming year in a Christian school that is not classical. The current curriculum is Abeka, but the principal has given me flexibility to teach outside the curriculum because they are desperate for teachers. I taught the Abeka curriculum twenty years ago, but I'd like to give the students more than what Abeka offers for literature at this stage. I have been classically homeschooling my children for fourteen years, so I am familiar with classical and Charlotte Mason methods. I plan on teaching The Lord of the Rings trilogy because the school already owns it. I am considering these other options to fill out the year: The Hobbit, The Silver Chair, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Last Battle, The Black Arrow, or The Call of the Wild. We'd have to order The Hobbit, but I thought it would be good background for The Lord of the Rings. The Lewis books would also have to be ordered, but I will be teaching three other Narnia books (LWW, Prince Caspian, and The Magician's Nephew) to the seventh grade. The Black Arrow and The Call of the Wild are owned by the school. My concern with teaching The Hobbit is that Tolkien would be the primary author for the whole year which may be too much of a good thing. Although I am teaching three Narnia books to the seventh grade, the eighth graders of this year will not have the first books for context. I am not a big fan of the The Black Arrow or The Call of the Wild but they would not cost the school anything. I will also be teaching a month-long poetry unit and several weeks of short stories. Do you have any wisdom for me?
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