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  1. As a recently “retired” or “unemployed” homeschool parent, I have felt somewhat lost. Then I watched a lecture in which Andrew Kern talked about Classical Christian Education in terms of “perceiving and receiving” truth as well as “beholding” and “becoming.” That is what led me to ClassicalU and this beautiful introductory course by Dr. Perrin. It occurred to me that as I continue doing what I love (studying, wondering, sharing, becoming), I might also become a potential guide through this empty-nest transition for younger homeschooling moms in my established homeschooling community. I’m already a leader amongst the families, so it would be natural. Since there is no time limit on the blessings of “beholding” and “becoming,” I’m looking to the classics in a new season of life. I wonder if there might be a sub-group of us at ClassicalU who have “lost” our traditional students. Is anyone else in my situation? Are any of you reaching out to fellow adults and fellow-learners as students in this way?
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