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  1. This is a question not related to the course content thus far, but I am curious if anyone uses curriculum mapping (i.e. Atlas Rubicon, Curriculum Trak). If so, which do you use? Also, can you briefly summarize the benefits to your school that justify the cost and investment of time? Thanks everyone! Troy
  2. Keith Nix quoted James K.A. Smith quoting someone else who said, paraphrased, the culture of my school is the sum of all conversations had by people from my school and about my school. This brings up two questions: 1) Does anyone know who said this and where they said it? 2) This is such an interesting (and terrifying) thought to me. To be sure, some of the conversations happening in and about my school are really great. But I worry most about the students. Does anyone have effective means of building student culture such that you would say their unmonitored conversations would reveal a strong and healthy school culture? Thanks! Troy Schuknecht Veritas Academy - Austin
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