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  1. I am struggling with the aesthetics in our school. Our grammar classrooms look like the public school down the street and our Upper School classrooms are in the church's rooms and we are not allowed any "school" things in those rooms. We can work on the former and deal with the latter. My big concern, aesthetically, right now is the small classroom that we use for science. It is a mess. We don't have room for permanent lab tables. Our school is growing (praise God), so we barely have room for the students. We have glaring florescent lighting. Last year we hired a veteran science teacher from the public school world. We love her and she is really improving our program, but she brought a ton of resources with her. Any ideas or photos of other schools with aesthetically pleasing science rooms would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thank you for those tips. We are on a limited budget right now. We will just keep on working at it.
  3. Thank you, JTB! The video said it would be available to download. I can view the Ambrose one, but since I haven't purchased the curriculum I can't download a copy.
  4. Dr. Perrin mentioned that the Ambrose rubric was available to download. I do not see it.
  5. We are a 15-year old classical Christian school. I'm not sure that anyone has ever successfully conducted a Socratic discussion. Would anyone have a contact near Greenville, South Carolina that would allow a few of our teachers observe a Socratic discussion in action and have a "long-distance" mentorship program?
  6. Thank you. The more I learn by completing these Classical U courses, the better I understand the process of captivating and cultivating, by first modeling.
  7. I am slowly working my way through Steve Turley's course on The Abolition of Man. I just completed Lecture 3, "Men Without Chests." I would like to hear what other classical Christian schools are doing to cultivate students' affections. Although our school is 15 years old, I am sensing that we have missed this aspect of the classical model.
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