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Cheryl Floyd

Acedia out of individualism Lecture 8-9

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I found it fascinating how Gibbs likened teens, or anyone struggling with, acedia to monks - or that the author of the quote said solitary monks struggle with acedia. It made me wonder about the solitary-ness of teenage life (or homeschool momming!) - or the encouragement to be individualistic and how this may inflame the vice of acedia. He said it is the care for another that most motivates one to do what is right or develop virtue. Is there anything in our classrooms or homes that can actually, not artificially, cause a teen to feel useful and needed in meaningful ways? Can the catechism help with the theological issue of misunderstanding or being ignorant of virtue and good works along with the embodiment offered in the classics? How do we battle the onslaught and rootedness of nominalism in all of us through our teaching? 

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Something about this article harmonized with the ideas of what causes the inflammation of acedia. When "more" is the standard and you can't keep up, or your idea of what "more" means overwhelms you, can that be a contributor to acedia. The simple, Good Life ought to be more attainable and teachable. 

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