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Geography Study

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 A few years back, Carolyn Baddorf posed this question to the forum:


I have been working on creating a 4-year cycle of Geography study. I hate to reinvent the wheel and create all new maps. Does anyone have any particular atlas or approach that has worked well for them?

I thought I'd throw it out there again for crowd-sourcing. We'd love to hear from families, teachers, and directors! I have some thoughts, and will post them here in a few days!

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Our main source of geography study is incorporating maps and geography into our four-year rotation of history and literature studies in all levels, and particularly in Jr. And Sr. High, where we do not have a separate geography course.

For our younger students, we do preparatory work to make this more fruitful, with beginning geography skills embedded in our English Studies for Primer students as part of nature study. We also take a living book approach to the formal study of geography for our Primer (K-3)students; we read one of the the Holling C. Holling books over each academic year: Paddle to the Sea, Tree in the Trail or Minn of the Mississipi, Seabird, and Pagoo. We enhance the readings sometimes with activities from the Beautiful Feet Geography Through Literature guides. These are geared toward slightly older children, but there are some good activities for this age! If you have a range of ages at home, this is a great way to study geography with kids up to jr. high. Our Grammar (4-6) students have the most formal program: a 2-year rotation, so that map skills get covered pretty thoroughly. Years 1 and 3 complete a curriculum we have developed, based on Charlotte Mason's Elementary Geography and C. C. Long's Home Geography for Primary Grades. Years 2 and 4 are devoted to map memorization; we focus on the United States when we study American Culture and the world maps when we study Modernity.

(We link to all of these  books on our Humanities Bookstore pages at Providence Prep.)

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