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Liturgical and Embodied Learning

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As I'm thinking about these topics, I'm wondering how appropriate is to ask my 6th grader to contribute to the decision making of the rhythms of the days, weeks, etc.  I get a LOT of pushback when I try to do new things, and wonder if involving her in the process might be appropriate and helpful.  We haven't done these things from day 1, so it's changing course mid-stream.  I definitely have a vision of what I'd like our days to look like that is VERY far from the reality of what it is right now.

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What would be your purpose or need or goal for involving her in the decision-making of her days and weeks? How would that help embody virtues proper to being a student at her level of maturity, or help with the liturgy of your lives? Does she recognize a need for liturgy or understand what it is in the home or in learning? How do you define it? 

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