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American Girl Bitty Baby will never be the same. My 9th grader is dressing up as the cauldron from MacBeth tomorrow.

I'm not sure if I'm more proud of her education, or more disturbed by it right now. These are two of the items inside the cauldron.

At least she promises the baby will go back to normal after tomorrow...




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This post is so disturbing to even me. The pictures loaded SO big. I'm trying to delete it, but apparently there isn't any way to do that. Sorry! Hopefully it will get buried by more worthy offerings soon!

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So much of what is offered as "art" these days through movies, plays, and music is for "shock" value, and definitely impacts students, but not in true, good, or beautiful ways. Macbeth, was shocking, is still shocking, but in right ways. It is shocking how MacBeth ignores the obvious warning signs, and the evil that is necessary for him to get what he wants. It's not beautiful in itself, but in what it shows us about ourselves. The warning.

Props to the props!

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Thanks for your gracious replies, both. It seemed worth posting at the beginning, but after I did I SERIOUSLY second guessed it and, well, there you have it. I'm glad that episode is over and I'll see how I do at talking my kids into some of the fairy roles next time... *grin*

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