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Anyone else out there teach in a PreK-2nd grade class?

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Just curious! I'd love to start some more conversations here, but wondered if there are any other teachers who are teaching at this level who check in here?

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I lead a co-op class of 5-9 year-olds. But it is only one hour and this semester we covered North American Saints of the Orthodox Faith. I read an account of the saint's life while they colored a picture of their icon. Then I showed them on a globe and sometimes on various maps where they came from and where they went during the missionary journeys. They would take with them a puzzle provided by the curriculum. My students ASKED if they could spend 5 minutes in silence in the church in order to learn how to be blessed through silent prayer! If there was time I would take them to the parking lot to use chalk. The first day, my grand idea was they would re-create the map of Russia and Alaska's connection. I wasn't expecting perfection, just effort. But one student had a meltdown thinking I wanted him to draw all the islands of Canada. I had to adjust how I presented my assignments and what was realistic for our time. 

Any ideas on other topics we could cover for a one hour period? They do math with their moms. Reading instruction happens at home as well.

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