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Do You Suffer from Scholé Guilt?

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Thank you for pointing me toward this post. It is a great reminder that active learning of skills is essential to our educational endeavors. I think I have to work at assessing what might be the contributing factors to my child's difficulty with a lesson. Are we getting up at weird times/going to sleep at a good time? Are we eating things that contribute to low or high blood sugar? Is the lesson coming at a time of day that either or both of those other factors affect my child's ability to concentrate? Have my child moved enough before the lesson? Is the lesson itself just hard? Is my child ready for this lesson, do we need to review some things, or take a break from this material for a day or a week? Is there a character issue at work? If so, what other area could I use to orchestrate a "lesson" that will cause the character problem to come to light? Or am I not engaging in enough schole` moments to justify the labor of this material. I tend to have schole` guilt over not engaging in schole` enough because we "don't have time"!! When I don't maintain a good schedule, and purposefully included schole` moments, they get lost because I worry over the "active learning". 

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