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Bible/Theology Curriculum

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What do you consider to be the most important Bible/Theology curriculum during the Dialectical stage? Is it continuing to grow in experience of and understanding of the Biblical story begun in the Grammar stage? Is it branching into basic principles and practice of interpretation? Is it getting into Church history or historical theology? Is it some combination of these, or something else entirely?

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My school has recently adopted a new approach to this question, and it consists of continuing their understanding of the Biblical story with some practice of interpretation thrown in along the way. We've shifted to teaching our students how to read the Bible as a sacred literary work, so they're learning to understand how figurative language is used in the Bible and why understanding that language is important to our interpretation.

I'm not the theology teacher, but it seems to be going well with our Logic School students. From what I hear, this approach has encouraged discussion and contemplation on a level that is impressive for students of that age. 

As a literature teacher, I appreciate this approach because it well prepares them for interpreting the works we read for my class!

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