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Sad, Sad Week at Our School

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Last Thursday, one of the dads at our school was killed by a train when he couldn't stop his truck in time due to ice on the road. The family has three kids at our school: 7th, 6th, 2nd. The youngest was in my class last year.

I think our community is handling things well, but, gosh, how do you ever REALLY handle something like this well? We pray. We cry. We hug the kids. We repeat that over and over.

Have any of you experienced something like this in your communities? How did you navigate things?

Come, Lord Jesus, Come


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 Such sad news! May God have mercy upon this family and your community.

We have lost two dads in our community to cancer, and currently have two who are highly influential who are battling cancer. For the two we lost the battle was exhausting for the families and the aftermath involved a lot of different involvement, depending upon the closeness of relationships. For most of us it just meant being present, helping the students get back into a routine of life to keep moving, and frequently telling them and showing them love as we were able. I can't recall what books the families read to help them think through grief and the grieving process, but I'll try to ask around and reply if I find out.

You have my prayers.


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Oh, that's so hard! The routine and dailiness of school may be just what they need right now as they adjust to their terrible loss. :(

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That has proven to be exactly the case. The kids actually requested to come back to school the very next day after their dad died and they've been at school all this week. We had our monthly grammar school recitation this morning and their entire extended family came for it. Later in the day, almost our whole school joined them for their dad's memorial service. We are not the church, nor do we try to be, but we are a tight community and a close family and those kids needed that from us this week. And will continue to need it in the coming weeks after all of the craziness of every family member being in town and living with them and once the quiet settles and they are alone with their grief.

But, gosh, it's hard.

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