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You know you're a classical educator when...

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Sometimes you just need a few fun threads. Finish the sentence!

You know you're a classical educator when you tell your 14-yo-daughter that Plato doesn't think anyone should laugh like that.

Yeah, I really did say that. She looked puzzled. Really, though, it's just "men of importance" and the gods who weren't supposed to lose their dignity by laughing:


"They ought not to be fond of laughter. For it is pretty much the case that when anyone gives way to violent laughter, it demands a violent reaction."



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you know you are a classical educator when... Every answer to a child's question is  question, every story references Homer, and every threat of discipline references Dante's seven circles.

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Dante's seven circles---hahaha

I saw the Alexandria picture, too. My daughter and I have been reading Plutarch's life of Julius Caesar this term, and it mentions this fire, so I had to discuss it with her. It's hard for kids today, with everything all digital and ubiquitous, to imagine one fire destroying a manuscript forever. Of course it makes you want to burst into tears!

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