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I so appreciate the wisdom of the teachers of ClassicalU and am especially enjoying this course!  Due to my background teaching physics, I realized the importance of this depth of mathematical understanding and have taught math so far to my children using many of the techniques that Mr. Elizalde proposes.  I would love to continue this method as we begin to explore Algebra-Calculus in the next year or so.  Is anyone familiar with some resources/texts that would continue to introduce material in this way?  I am considering VideoText algebra now, but would love any opinions from the forum!

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Ashley, would you share what lower-school resources you would recommend? I have a 5-yr-old boy and I am not happy with what I used with older children.

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There is a "depth of knowledge" necessary to teach math, but what depth at what level?  I can see the necessity in the Upper School levels, but in the Grammar school, it would seem to be more necessary to know the chants and "jingles" well.  Perhaps alternatives if a student doesn't understand something when taught in a particular manner, but that takes more flexibility in method rather than depth of knowledge.

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