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Cheryl Floyd

What about the World of Music

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I feel woefully under-educated and experiences to lead my children, of any age, into an understanding and appreciation of music. Classical music I am assuming is what I ought to be attempting to conform their tastes to. But I suppose as a history of music I would take up to at least Jazz? 

I don't know. Does anyone have a curriculum, approach, or resource that they use to help them and their children? I have looked at this online company, Squilt a couple of times, but am still overwhelmed to actually do something with their materials or try their streaming option. 

How important do you think exposure and appreciation to classical music is? Or a music education?

Most of my children take piano, but they actually still don't do much with quality music. It's children's books with children's adaptations or child-like songs. 

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I am no expert, but I suspect that a deeper appreciation of music (of any kind, but particularly classical music) comes through advancement in music literacy. Along those lines, Jarrod Richey has been doing a lot in the Classical Education community toward helping educators and parents give music literacy to their students and children.


I haven't read his book, but I know of some of the things Jarrod has been doing that, to me, seem very exciting and helpful.

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