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Signs of Common Core at our Classical Christian School

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I am not sure how many of you know about Common Core's history and its pervasiveness into US education, but it has definitely begun to show its stripes at our classical Christian school our daughter has attended for 6 years now.

We are concerned because the book used for 5th / 6th grades is the Big Ideas Math Book which is a premiere book for use to align with the Common Core standards.  We were originally told that Common Core is just a stamp on the books and they would never adopt it, but we are seeing them use problems in the book which are just like the ones you see everyone upset about on YouTube, etc....

So, after much research, we know that the College Board, headed by the architect of Common Core David Coleman, has revised the SAT and the ACT has also been revised, both to align with the Common Core standards.

So, given this, how are homeschoolers dealing with this change and ensuring your children can successfully take these exams?  Or, is there another exam that is available that colleges take other than the SAT and ACT?


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