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If you have started Jason Edward's course on the Brief History of Progressive Education, or have already studied progressive education--do you see in new ways the importance of knowing the facts and history of progressive education? What are your current thoughts about why studying progressive education is important for classical educators and administrators?

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This course has informed and challenged me a lot! I love how Jason Edwards shows "before" it was like this, but "now" it is like this, and explains why. I do wonder because some of the ideas - particularly in Lesson 7 (where I am currently) seem to be both classical and progressive. (Seems like we could make a Venn diagram...)  For example: teaching the "whole child" - isn't that classical? -to teach to the body, mind, and spirit? -and "not the sage on the stage, but a guide on the side" - can't that be classical? -integrating the liberal arts and not being the "expert"? Dr. Perrin, I appreciate your question to Dr. Edwards asking if there is anything good that came out of Progressive Education. And, I do appreciate his emphatic "no" as well. But I would love a further discussion about this.

I am LOVING ClassicalU! I feel SO blessed to have this resource!!

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