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End of course essay question

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I really enjoyed this course..so insightful for teaching literature! I'm a little confused about the end of course essay question ( identify a key presupposition that leads to the many differences between progressive and conservative thought...and describe three differences between progressive and conservative thought that were presented in this course). Any advice most welcome!

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Thank you. I was confused as I was preparing the question 'Describe essential qualities that a good teacher of Great Books must possess' but then the essay question changed to the above-mentioned..which I don't understand that well, so I guess examples of how to answer the question would be great!


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I'm not sure what happened with the change of questions. I just checked the course and I see the second question, which you've asked about.

As for answering the question, what possible presuppositions do you think progressive and conservative thought hold? The names themselves are suggestive of at least one or two. What makes a progressive seek to progress? A conservative, seek to conserve?

The three differences discussed in the lecture are beyond my ability to help you with at the moment, as I've not gone through the course.

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