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Aesthetics in the Science classroom/lab

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I am struggling with the aesthetics in our school. Our grammar classrooms look like the public school down the street and our Upper School classrooms are in the church's rooms and we are not allowed any "school" things in those rooms. We can work on the former and deal with the latter. 

My big concern, aesthetically, right now is the small classroom that we use for science. It is a mess. We don't have room for permanent lab tables. Our school is growing (praise God), so we barely have room for the students. We have glaring florescent lighting. Last year we hired a veteran science teacher from the public school world. We love her and she is really improving our program, but she brought a ton of resources with her.  

Any ideas or photos of other schools with aesthetically pleasing science rooms would be greatly appreciated.

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I've posted a thread at the ACCS's Member Resource Center forum seeking a video that was shown at the ACCS Conference last year. In it the headmaster at Ambrose (I think) is interviewed by Christopher Perrin or David Goodwin and they show the aesthetic that the school has built into its Building and Grounds and classrooms. Hopefully they can find it and let me share it. Do you have access to the Member Resource Center?


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