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Chris Perrin

Who we are and why we are glad you are here

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Greetings and welcome!

We are very glad you have stopped by the ClassicalU Forum. You might be curious about who we are... 

This forum is operated by the team at Classical Academic Press, and more particularly by the team that runs ClassicalU.com. You will note that there are many sub forums that are linked to particular topics like "The Liberal Arts Tradition" of "Essentials of Effective Teaching." Those are both topics but also the names of courses we offer on ClassicalU.com.  Anyone can participate in those forums, regardless of whether or not he or she is taking a course on ClassicalU. Anyone can also view the first few lessons of any ClassicalU course free of charge.

This forum is also designed to serve any classical educator interested in discussion and collaboration. In particular, we hope to foster collaboration among both classical school educators and classical homeschool educators. While we have created forums for both groups, we expect educators to regularly "crossover" in many ways. Some you of you know there is already a great, vibrant forum for classical homeschoolers at the Well-Trained Mind Community. We admire that community and are happy to promote it here. What we hope to do that will complement that forum is to provide an equally vibrant site for school educators and to foster a healthy interchange among both school and homeschool educators.

We have set some basic ground rules for behavior on the site that you can read about here. Please act with charity and all the unity you can muster while we discuss some of our differences of thought and ideas. If anyone does not display charity and respect, we may remove such a person from the forum. 

We anticipate that virtually everyone interested in this forum will be a beneficial, even blessed presence on this forum. We look forward to the conversations and collected insights!


Christopher A. Perrin, PhD
Forum Administrator

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Thank you, Chris for your tireless efforts on behalf of classical education and the generous invitation to participate. I look forward to learning a lot here.

Best wishes,



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On first impression everything looks great! Thanks to those who worked to make it happen. I look forward to browsing, contributing, and learning!



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I want to give my 5 children the education that I never had.  I'm here to learn how to do that.  My oldest is 12 and my youngest is 3 so I'm excited to finally be in a season of life where I can feed my own curiosities.

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