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Chris Perrin

What is distinctive about a Scholé Group?

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If you have only recently heard about Scholé Groups, you might have questions about what these groups are like. Well, they are flexible, so they tend to come in some different flavors, though they all emphasize a classical, Christian curriculum and a restful pedagogy (scholé). They are flexible in that each group can decide what published materials to use and also chose particular emphases. For example, some groups will emphasize teaching the fine arts and literature during their campus or community days; other groups might emphasize science; other groups may emphasize the study of Latin, logic, and rhetoric during their times meeting as a community. 

We invite those who are a part of a Scholé Group to share their particular flavors of scholé!

For the record, I like to define scholé as undistracted time to study the things that are most worthwhile, usually with good friends, usually in a beautiful place. Ironically, scholé is the Greek root word for our English word--school.

Christopher P

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Thank you, Chris! Our Scholé Group in Purcellville, VA, Providence Prep, meets one day a week. We are a Humanities and language focused group, serving students K-12. We offer three main classes: Humanities (history and literature with an art and music appreciation component; in high school, a four-year Great Books program), English Studies (grammar, composition, literary analysis, and poetry), and Latin. Our current enrollment is about 15 families and 45 students. We are very blessed to partner with Patrick Henry College's internship program, providing teaching experience and internship credits to Classical Liberal Arts undergrads. We also offer a yearly theology class taught by the pastor of the church where we meet, and open to the local community – right now, there are about 35 people attending this 7:30 a.m. class on Calvin's Institutes! Each year, we also offer adjunct courses on a different day from our regular co-op day; this year, we have a Natural History group led by a Scholé mom that meets on Monday afternoons at a local nature conservatory, and a U. S. Government class taught by a PHC intern that meets on Wednesday mornings in a local home. We are very grateful for the support and resources offered by Scholé Groups!

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