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Hillary Harm

Missing Pages to Printout?

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In the Lesson 7 video Ms. Swartz mentions pages of word problems that we are to print out so we can work the bar modeling problems with her.  Where are those pages?  I cannot find them on the course site.

Thank you!


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Yes!  I was wondering about that, too!  I did write down the problem-solving steps, but I thought she said her bookmark had 7 steps and I only copied 6.  Maybe she'll flash the bookmark again, closer to the camera, and I can pause the video to get a better look.

Here are the steps I got:
1. Read the problem aloud.

2. Rewrite the question as a statement with a blank for the answer.

3. Determine if this is a part/whole problem or a comparison problem.

4. Draw your bar model.

5. Write the number sentence.

6. Put the answer in the final sentence.



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