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What About Math?

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Migrated from the original forum: I have spent some time looking at the handbook and trying to reconcile it with what we have already been doing in our group for two years. One of the things that we do not do is math class. We have some skip counting, formulas, math laws and conversions in our memory work class, but it is a small portion of what we do.

Does anyone else have a math class in their group? I am curious to see how that looks in other groups if a class is a requirement.
We have been courting a new mom who is a former engineer. We are speaking with her about providing math exploration classes with our group to help kids see the beauty in mathematics — something most of us feel ill-equipped to do since we can not see it ourselves.
Any insights are appreciated.

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Migrated from the original forum:  I’m interested in knowing the same thing as far as the execution/logistics on how to teach math in a group setting. I can share with you two books that really helped me begin to teach math Biblically. They are written by Katherine Loop, and she can be found over at http://www.christianperspective.net/math/. Her materials are available on Amazon too. I read both her books, and still refer to the second. Her book “Beyond Numbers” which is philosophical in nature, really helped me with understanding the big picture of seeing Math as Biblical. I also read her book “Revealing Arithmetic”, which is a textbook accompaniment for any curriculum, helping guide you as you teach each concept Biblically.
I hope someone more knowledgable has some good input for both of us. 
Sola Gratia,

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Migrated from the original forum:  I am looking forward to learning more about this as well. I am researching the quadrivium part of the liberal arts for a project I am doing. I would be happy to share my notes if you all are interested. In terms of the requirement, Dr. Perrin told me that we do not have to have math class on community day. It is only required that each family commit to engaging certain subjects in a certain way, Arithmetic being one of them. Based on my understanding parents are free to pursue that in any way that they prefer. Am I right on this? Please correct me if I am wrong. - Jennifer D

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Migrated from the original forum:  

Jennifer–you are right about not having to offer math (or any particular subject/art) on your community day. We have adjusted the Handbook to clarify this!


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Hello, This year I taught a 30-minute math class to our combined 9/10 class on our community day. I used Dave Ramsey's HS Edition and Whatever Happened to Penny Candy/The Bluestocking Guide as my main resources. We would like to continue with Econ as our focus, but also do not want homework from this class for the most part. I am looking for other great resources I can use for this age group.

Thank you!
Rebecca Holland
Toledo Classical Homeschoolers

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